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What version of WordPress does Product Review Theme Support?

You must have at least version 3.1 of Wordpress

Is it easy to setup Product Review Theme?

It is very easy and we have developed the product so that a person who has never worked with Wordpress can create a website in a short period of time. With that said, the more effort put into populating your website, the better it will perform.

How long before I can download my Product Review Theme?

Once payment is approved, we will email you a zip file with all the necessary files. We normally send within a few hours, but please allow 8 hours for this email to arrive.

Do the Niche Ready Themes come with content?

No, content is not included. Images and design is included.

Do you provide free support and upgrades for new Wordpress versions?

Yes and Yes.

If I don't like the product can I return it?

No, when you purchase this product, you agree to the terms of purchase, which is no returns. We do not allow returns as this is a digital product and once downloaded, we have no way to ensure it will not be used.

What if I want to sell my blog or website that has the Product Review Theme installed? Can I sell my blog or websites with Product Review Theme included?

Yes, you can. All of our licenses are multi-site licenses and you can use the theme on as many of your websites as you nizagara wish. You can also sell any of these websites with Product Review Theme installed.

What are the hosting/server requirements for Product Review Theme to run properly?

For the site to run properly, the hosting/server must meet Wordpress minimum requirements:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

What hosting provider do you recommend for someone who does not have web hosting but would like to purchase Product Review Theme?

We recommend either HostGator, Bluehost or Hostmonster. They are all solid hosts with very affordable pricing and great customer service. Product Review theme was built on Host Gator servers, so prednisone you can be confident it will work when installed.

How do I change the logo or the banner?

Upload your image using Media Uploader and copy the image URL. Go to Product Review Theme options page, paste the URL on the reserved field for logo or banner, and save the changes.

How do I change styles?

For style updates, go to your site's FTP and edit [theme-location]/productreviewtheme/style.css. Be careful not to mess up with this file or your site design will break. Also, don't forget to create a backup.

How do I setup SEO and other theme settings?

You can set these up at Product Review Theme options page. Additional guides are there as well.

For individual page SEO, you can do this on each of their Edit page.

How do I setup Slideshow?

First you need to have banner images with 1000px width (recommended) and the same height (preferably 272px). Create a new slide post. Upload banner image as featured image. Set the Slide's Image Link URL to wherever you want the banner to go when clicked. Lastly, save your new slide post.

To change the order of slides, just change the publication date of the slide posts.

Is this theme Google Snippets Ready?

Yes, it is Google Snippets ready and we are using JSON-LD (Embedded review) markup.

How can I customize Google Snippets values?

You can set default snippet author and snippet publisher for all product review pages by going to Product Review Theme options page > Product Page Google Snippet section. However, these default values will be overriden by custom snippet values on each product page.

You can customize snippet values on each product page by going to the Edit Product page > Google Snippets predefined fields.

How can I change product ranking, product star rating and other individual product page settings?

You can find all product page settings on the Edit product page. Further instructions and guides are there as well.

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