Highest Converting Product Review Theme
1. Design

The first element of your website a visitor will see is the design. If you don’t establish your website as a professional, legitimately designed website in seconds, your visitor will exit your website and go to a competitor’s website.

Web users are becoming savvy and can spot an affiliate website from miles away. Visitors to your website don’t want to be pushed a product, because you are making an affiliate commission. Visitors want unbiased reviews and opinions on products. Visitors need to trust you and your website. Product Review theme establishes trust with a professional design that doesn’t look like a turnkey review affiliate website.

How Our Design Makes You Money
  • Responsive Design
  • Superior designed template
  • Professional graphics and images
  • Unlimited Options for Background and Sub Heading Colors
  • Fully Customizable Header, Sidebar and Body
  • Attractive Comparison and Ranking Charts

Within the first 5-7 seconds a visitor will determine if your website provides a solution to their need. In this case, the solution comes in the form of unbiased product or website reviews in a clean and organized fashion. Product Review Wordpress theme makes it easy for you as the website architecture is a proven layout for optimal site usability. All you need to do is populate the theme with valuable information.

How Our Usability Makes You More Money
3. Conversion

Without conversion you make no money. Conversion starts with trust. Within the first 5-7 seconds your website must convey trust. If a visitor doesn’t trust your website, they will leave and go to a competitor website. Product Review Wordpress Theme establishes trust with a professionally designed website that integrates the most critical trust elements. The Product Review Theme increases the number of click throughs and your conversion rate will go up.

How our Theme Increases Conversion
  • Top Ranking Chart with conversion link
  • Quick sale opportunity on home page with text intro and benefits call outs.
  • Built-in Trust icons
  • Multiple Call to action (CTA) on every page
  • Affiliate link cloaking
  • Email Auto Responder ready
  • Built In Google Rich Snippets

Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Bonus

None of the above matters unless you can drive people to your website. We have built in the most critical on page SEO elements into our theme. You can update the most critical on-page SEO elements on the home page, posts and pages directly from the Wordpress dashboard once Product Review Theme is installed.

SEO Titles

Titles are considered one of the top two most important on-page elements. Our built in SEO optimizer allows you up customize Titles on each page of your website easily.

Meta Description

Very important to initiate that click from search engines. The Meta description of a page will be displayed in search engines as the text under your title link. Take this opportunity to include sales copy and motivate the initial click from search engines to your website.

Meta Keywords

Not as critical as they once were for Google, but Yahoo and Bing still weigh Meta Keywords heavily so don’t skip Meta Keywords. A helpful tip: make sure that the Meta Keywords you use are also keywords on your actual page. No keyword stuffing!


Urls are considered by SEO professionals as one of the most important on-page elements. See video to show you how to optimize all your urls in the Wordpress dashboard.

Build High Converting Review Websites In Minutes
We have seen conversion increases of 6-9% just by installing this theme
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Conversion rate increases of 6-9%
  • Free Updates for Life
  • Full Time Support
  • One-Time Payment
$89 (One Time Payment)
Start Making More Money Today

WordPress product reviews are quickly becoming popular in this well-known, free blogging software. The days of senseless blogging and overly emotional yet highly nonsensical rants are getting numbered. Today, the trend in blogging has been geared towards more serious matters. What attracts readers (and in effect, page views that generate income) are informational topics such as health matters and product reviews. As a result, more and more blogs in WordPress have been dedicated to product reviews and recently, product theme review posts. There is a wealth of pre-designed templates that are available for WordPress across the internet. Just decide on what you want your blog's theme would be and surely, there's going to be a customized theme for you. Recently, however, one company has thought to implement the brilliant idea of creating a WordPress product theme review that is fully customizable for affiliate niches.Read More +